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Internet TV Station

Internet TV Station

This tutorial explains how Internet TV stations operate (by sending signals through the Internet), as well as the different types of equipment used and how to run the TV system.

You will learn about the equipment and encoding options for getting an Internet TV Station up and running. Discover simple Internet TV Station hosting options which require no broadcasting equipment. With some simple programs and/or cameras, you can obtain, produce and schedule television programs. You will learn that people can watch your Internet TV programs on a computer or standard TV using Internet TV set top boxes.

This book makes it easy for you to understand the technology and business aspects of Internet TV. You will learn the technology basics such as video encoding, media production and program scheduling that will allow you to understand all the technical jargon and communicate with companies that can help you.

You will learn about the economics of television stations including advertising and television commerce (T-commerce). Find out how to identify interesting programs and the content licensing process. Discover how you can use high-value (more ad revenue) targeted advertising which is more effective than cable TV systems because it can be sent to specific locations and viewers. You'll learn about operations and billing that can be used to sell subscription and advertising services.

Discover effective ways to promote television channels and programs. Samples of Internet TV Station and Program promotional campaigns are also provided.

Internet TV Systems
This book explains how Internet TV systems operate and the different types of equipment and encoding options. Discover hosting and programming options, technology basics and industry jargon, and how to produce original content. Internet TV economics, including advertising and T-Commerce are explained, as well as content licensing and user targeted promotion.