"By branding some of Althos' books with our logo, we have instantly increased our positioning and expertise in the market. Best of all, in an simple and cost-effective way!"

Sylivia Denton
VP Marketing, Samsung

BRANDED BOOKS - See Our Flash Demonstration of How Branded Books can Help Your Company!
What are Branded Books?
In a nutshell, you "brand" an existing Althos book with your logo, tagline and other custom brand treatments. This adds instant credibility and increased positioning, all at a very cost-effective price. Many companies use our books with their own brand to disseminate technologies directly to their clients, employees and partners.
Getting Started
You may choose to brand any of our published books! We currently have over 50 titles to choose from! Please contact Lawrence Harte at ( 800) 227-9681 for further information!

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