Learn about becoming a Communication Champion for Althos Publishing!
Why Become an Althos Author?
Althos publishes many, many books each year and we are always looking for new expertise. Our multi-channel distribution means robust book sales. Our publications are available on Amazon.com, Yahoo Stores as well as many other sources. Some of our books are produced in a traditional printed format, while others are only available in downloadable electronic formats. The most obvious benefit to joining us as a Communication Champion is that we have established distribution channels and are well resepcted in our industry.
How Do I Qualify?
You must be an expert in your field to qualify. We review all submissions and select only a handful of applicants who we feel are most qualified to write for us. Many of our books contain information available nowhere else and with each new release, our reputation is on the line, hence we screen all submissions throuroughly.
What is the First Step?
We'd like to hear from you regarding your interest in joining us as one of our Communication Champions. Please call or e-mail us with your ideas and qualifications. Please call us at 1-800-227-9681 or 1-919-557-2260. You can also send us an E-mail: info@althos.com
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